Jessica Ennis shoot for PruProtect by Julian ward

I've recently shot Jessica Ennis for the new PruProtect Vitality online & print advertising campaign.  5 shots we're chosen from the shoot we did at Battersea Park on a cold but fun January morning. Jessica was a treat to shoot and the ads are now out and about. Below are 2 of the billboards currently running.

Client: PruProtect // Agency: BBD Perfect Storm // Lighting hire & Digi: Gripvan

The Thames Television Big Band by Julian ward

New personal work of 'The Thames Television Big Band'. Shooting with film on my Hasselblad 500cm again which was an absolute delight. Its been far too long since I cracked open a Kodak Portra box of film and got stuck in, I really miss this approach to photography. Attending band rehearsals on Monday nights at Teddington Constitutional Club over a period of 6 weeks I made portraits of the band in the their breaks. Extremely talented musicians and a pleasure to photograph. Ive made a final edit you can see here  or by clicking the image below.

Dave Marrion - Musical Director, Thames Television Big Band © Julian Ward

Dave Marrion - Musical Director, Thames Television Big Band

© Julian Ward

The band was formed in 1973 by Steve Bawden, a professional trumpeter who, as a result of illness, had retired from the music profession, and was working at Thames Television's Teddington Studios. The first rehearsal was attended by 6 or 7 brass players, several guitarists and a huge array of woodwind players, almost none of whom played the Saxophone! However, the band members were, initially, mostly Thames TV employees, joined by local musicians to plug any gaps in personnel. The band was set up in the classic 17 piece format of 5 Saxophones, 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones and 4 Rhythm, with Steve as Musical Director.
Within a few months the band had made sufficient progress to have people clinging to the rafters for concerts in the Thames TV Club, and was starting to appear at private functions and public concerts. Over the next few years the band appeared at West End Theatres, including the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, The Duke of York's, The Royalty and The New London, and hotels such as The Hyde Park, the Grosvenor House, The Dorchester and the Savoy, as well as venues all over the South of England from Bournemouth to Norwich, and from Twickenham Rugby Ground to Wembley Conference Centre. The band also backed singers including Lyn Paul of New Seekers fame, Patti Boulaye and the wonderful Rosemary Squires.
In the early 1980's Steve Bawden decided to emigrate, and resigned as MD, to be replaced by trombonist Brian Hibbert until 1982, when Freddie Jameson took over the role which he held until his retirement in 2012. Over the years it became increasingly difficult to maintain a preponderence of Thames TV employees in the band but, as a consequence, the quality of new recruits has been gradually improved. Freddie Jameson's professionalism was transmitted to the band, and high standards were set.
The band remained busy throughout the 1980's, but by the 1990's, as audiences and, crucially, event organisers, were increasingly drawn from a generation brought up on Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Abba, the work available to big bands was much reduced. The band, always regarded as a 'gigging' rehearsal band, became a rehearsal band available for gigs.
After 1992, when Thames Television lost its Broadcasting Contract, it operated on a smaller scale, and it was only a matter of time before the rehearsal facilities at the Studios, which had been used by the band, were no longer available. Thereafter, the band's home was firstly, The Swan at Hampton Wick, then The South Western at Isleworth, and finally The Teddington Constitutional Club.
The band rehearses each Monday, performs 4 concerts a year at the TCC, and has (very) occasional gigs, including both private functions and public concerts. the only former Thames TV employee in the lineup is Derek Hunt, who was a founder member 40 years ago, though lead Trumpeter Alan Moore has clocked up 30 years service, and long service awards are also due to Trombonist John Markham, Guitarist Bryan Thorne, and Bassist Keith Spillett. Since Freddie Jameson's retirement in 2012 the band has been ably led by Saxophonist Dave Marrion and, in playing terms, goes from strength to strength.

Text by Derek Hunt

Interiors for Nutshell by Julian ward

Working with Lauren Courtney Interior Design we created a series of images to promote a new interior design service in the forthcoming brochure for period property conservation and renovation specialists, Nutshell Construction.


Inota Power Station images at Millennium by Julian ward

Millennium images have taken a selection of my shots taken at the Inota Power Station in Hungary. 

The construction of the Power station began in the Spring of 1950 under Stalin Rule and was completed and switched onto the national power network in December 1951.

27th December 2001 at 00:00 hours every member of the workforce left the station and it closed.
These photos were taken with access for a very short period of time by one of the guards. 

Inota Power Station, Hungary © Julian Ward/Millennium images

Inota Power Station, Hungary

© Julian Ward/Millennium images

Inota Power Station, Hungary © Julian Ward/Millennium images 

Inota Power Station, Hungary

© Julian Ward/Millennium images 

‘Imagine 2020 Project’ – Pandemonium by Julian ward (Julian Ward & Richard Jackson) are delighted to be involved with the Imagine 2020 project – dealing with climate change + national and international goals for the year 2020, making our longest short to date with the very gifted poet, playwright and performer Inua Ellams - A young man retells his experience of witnessing the force of nature rise up in his small bedroom, burst out into the world, only to return defeated by the uncaring hands of mankind.

Commissioned by Kaaitheater – Artistic administration & production company, Brussels. The film will initially be presented by Artsadmin and LIFT festival in association with nef as part of the Imagine 2020 network, London, UK. It will also be showing at Bunker, Ljubljana, Slovenia - Domaine d’O, Montpellier, France - Domino, Zagreb, Croatia - Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany - Le Quai, Angers, France - LIFT, London, UK - New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Riga, Latvia - Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

I will post the film when we're given the ok but here are a couple of stills until then. 


Rob Auton: The Yellow Show Independent review by Julian ward

Today's Independent has a cracking review of the rob Auton Yellow Show. Rob will be the Brighton Fringe 11, 25 May & 1 June. Pleased they used a recent portrait I took of Rob in my Kingston studio.

The Independent Monday 13th May 2013

The Independent Monday 13th May 2013

Yellow and yelcome, yells Rob Auton at the top of his charming, eccentric and uplifting show. Before this, as the audience files in, he has spent a good 10 minutes festooning the room with yellow objects - dusters, rubber ducks, Marigold washing-up gloves, that sort of thing - as “Yellow Submarine” plays on a nerve-shredding loop.

This is The Yellow Show and you couldn’t criticise Auton’s commitment to his theme. Not for him a clever concept to hook in the punters that is jettisoned after the first 10 minutes in favour of a traditional stand-up set. No, this is a full hour of yellow with routines about The Simpsons, songs about bananas, talking car sponges and sherbet lemons. And, of course, thoughts on the genesis of that Beatles’ track.

The Yellow Show debuted on the Free Fringe in Edinburgh last summer. It now arrives at The Warren, a delightful pop-up Brighton Fringe venue with two performance spaces and a garden bar filled with bluebells and hay bales hidden behind a church and a car park off West Street. Auton is performing in what appears to be the vestry, which is somehow apt for his sermon on the joys of jaune, although as the laconic, lanky Yorkshireman in a yellow (naturally) cagoule tells us, he has never “done a gig with Jesus before.”

Auton, 30, is a talent to watch - a poet/ comedian/ illustrator, who combines the whimsical appeal of early Josie Long and the lo-fi artistry of Sam Fletcher with a hint of the menace of Tim Key. He treads a neat line between twee and threatening, one minute offering the audience sweets, the next demanding to know their favourite cheese. It is a little hit and miss but Auton has pots of charm – enough to persuade every member of the audience to don his home-made “yellowvision” glasses without hesitation and then to send them back out into the world 60 minutes later feeling a little brighter. I’d love to see what he comes up with when he’s not confined to just one colour of the rainbow. There’s gold here.

Happy Record Store Day - George Ginn by Julian ward

George Gin, The Record Album, Brighton 2011

© Julian Ward

 "The film that brought film music to my notice was one called Kings Row. It was the story of small town American life and starred Ronald Reagan and Ann Sheridan, probably names you wouldn't even remember, apart from Reagan. He had his legs amputated by a mad doctor in the town, it was quite thrilling stuff but it had a very good score by Korngold. Korngold in common with other film composers at that time were all classically trained. Franz Waxman, Hugo Friedhofer, you can reel them off because they all produced beautiful orchestral scores and the score to Kings Row was particularly good"

Excerpt from interview with George, October 2011

Bloomsbury Frameworks Promo by Julian ward

Joseph McCarthy Craftsman Built Frames commissioned me to create a promo to be shown in Harrods in collaboration with ReflecTV mirrored TV's. Using some existing photographic material and filming on location at the workshops and showroom in Tunbridge Wells, we aimed to show the history and true craftsmanship of the company.

Joseph McCarthy Frameworks have been specialising in designing, creating and restoring frames for mirrors and paintings since 1837.

Dan goes to Margate CH4 11:05pm tonight by Julian ward

Random Acts on CH4 at 11.:05pm 25th March 2013


A short film with the Poet Daniel Cockrill (Bang Said The Gun) who explores the seaside town forever out of season in this touching film that is showered with dreamlike animation. A collaboration between myself, Dan and Plume that resulted in the most  marvellous day out and enjoyable film to make. This is the third film shown by Random Acts CH4 from the three of us and I'm pleased to say not the last.

Fish & Chip ratings from the day:

Plume - 7/10 - Julian - 6/10 - Dan - Four out of Ten (bit harsh)

Tiny Dragons 'Come Alive' Video by Julian ward

Brighton based Tiny Dragons are a 3 piece band with lots going for them. Their new single 'Come Alive' has just been released and we made this video promo to go with it. Minimalism and space were deployed as an antidote to, what we feel is the standard; two-barrels-in-the-face music film making. Slow motion camera work allowed this exploration with stripped back animation. 

More from the Tiny Dragons here :

Joseph McCarthy by Julian ward

Some recce shots for an up coming shoot at Joseph McCarthy framers in Tunbridge Wells. A bespoke picture framing service utilising the original Bloomsbury Collection of detailed reverse-carvings in boxwood.

Bloomsbury Frameworks traded in Bloomsbury, central London, from the middle of the nineteenth century until 2005 when the family firm's last proprietor, Peter Binning, died.  It is considered to be the only company of its type in Britain that has survived and continuously traded since 1837- the year Queen Victoria came to the throne.

From 1837 the company specialised in the production and application of 'composition ornament' for frames, mirrors and associated furniture.  The company supplied finely decorated frames for many leading public and private collections.  This early 'golden age' saw the birth of the National Portrait Gallery (1856), the V&A (1857), The National Gallery (1884) and the Tate (1897), originally as 'The National Gallery of British Art'

The Tate views The Bloomsbury Collection to be of "National importance to the history of frame making in Britain" and "of extraordinary cultural significance".  As such the Tate is working with Joseph McCarthy to research and catalogue the collection.


Millennium Images Gallery - Vanish by Julian ward

New gallery at from Niall with the below image of mine from The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Cambodia.

The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The site is a former high school which was used as the notorious Security Prison 21 by the Khmer Rouge regime from its rise to power in 1975 to its fall in 1979.

Gallery can be seen here


© Julian Ward/Millennium Images